Questions to Ask a Listing Agent

Questions to Ask a Listing Agent

The right listing agent will make all the difference when it comes to selling your home

Please keep in mind, in today’s sophisticated market choosing a Realtor® is a very important decision since not all agents and agencies are created equal. A home is a major investment, therefore, you should not expect anything less than an experienced full-time agent who not only represents you as your sale’s agent, but also acts as a consultant and treats you as a business partner, while keeping your best interests in mind above all else. Unfortunately, many unsuspecting sellers just assume they're hiring an experienced full-time agent, when in reality the agent may be inexperienced and/or may actually be in the business on a part time basis, while squeezing in real estate around another primary job and/or family and social activities. For an in-depth overview of my expertise and broad real estate related experience simply click on About Me

How long has the agent been in real estate?

When choosing your listing agent the length of time in the real estate business is a very important consideration since an agent with a track record encompassing many years will likely have accumulated a substantial knowledge base and possess the ability to resolve any issues that may arise during the sales process. In the end, you'll want to feel your agent is experienced, knowledgeable, trustworthy and has your best interests in mind at all times.   

What knowledge should your agent possess to market your home?

As a seller, you will need to ask how your listing agent plans to market your home. Keep in mind, any agent can list a property; however, not all agents possess the ability and/or knowledge to fully utilize all the tools at hand in order to effectively promote a listing to the fullest extent. Furthermore, I strongly believe assisted showings and open houses conducted by the listing agent are an integral part of the sales process since who should know more about your property than your own agent. However, many agents today feel they don't have the time to deal with such routine responsibilities and simply pawn these duties off onto their assistants or any newcomer to the business who is available. The lack of property knowledge present at a showing or open house could very well cause the loss of a potential buyer to a competitive listing due to pertinent questions going unanswered. Additionally, the World Wide Web along with its vast resources has overwhelmingly become the primary component in today’s high tech environment for successfully and efficiently marketing one’s property. Even though print advertising is utilized to some extent, it’s becoming substantially less effective as a marketing tool in today’s internet dominated world. With this in mind, your agent should have a strong working knowledge of the Web as a means to maximize property exposure to the fullest extent since the internet is where over 90% of buyers start their research.

What are the things that put you above your competition?

Look for things that you value most in this relationship. Most people say they are seeking an agent who is honest, trustworthy, assertive, analytical, and an excellent negotiator. Good communication skills and availability by phone, text or email also made the list. Finally, you'll want someone who has good business sense, is friendly and able to maintain a good sense of humor even if things become challenging.

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