A Home Inspection is a Good Idea

A Home Inspection is a Good Idea

A professional home inspection helps to protect both parties involved. It gives you and the buyer the opportunity to learn about the property’s current defects prior to the sale. If any defects are revealed, the buyer then has the option of accepting the house as is or to negotiate a settlement that's satisfactory to you and the buyer. In other words, once the buyer accepts the inspection results the buyer now has a clear picture of what he/she is purchasing, likely eliminating any seller liability going forward.        

A home inspection usually covers the following:

  • Plumbing conditions - if there is leakage or clogging
  • Roofing conditions -  establishing the extent of deterioration or the existance of any leakage
  • Electrical conditions - determining whether or not the electrical panel is adequate or any potential fire hazards exist
  • Structural problems - establishing if there are problems with the underlying foundation or the structure of your home 

As a seller, the home inspection report protects you because it establishes the actual condition of the property prior to closing, therefore likely eliminating any future seller liability following the sale since the buyer was fully informed via the inspection before taking possession of the property. In some cases, a seller prefers to have a pre-listing inspection performed at their expence in order to determine any defects that may or may not exist, thus giving the seller the opportunity to remedy some or all such discovered defects.

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